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October 22, 2012

Last Minute delivery for new Climate Justice Ambassadors in Brentwood

 When the Academy at West Horndon Primary School started, it looked like as if the children would have to go home without the usual awards for Ambassadors: the post delivery was delayed, so our “Tree by Tree” books and the white Plant-for-the-Planet Shirts haven’t gotten to the school in time. But no one let himself get down for that – especially since the sun had presented us a lovely, almost summery day.

It started, as always with a couple of Icebreaker games. Still with the “Mingle-mingle” song in the head, we went back inside to continue with another interesting topic. In the presentation the newbies to Plant-for-the-Planet learned everything about the climate crisis and what you can do against it. All adults were pretty impressed by what the children knew already.
After that our moderators Kristina, Patrick and Sebastian took a small group (pigs, cows and monkeys) each, to play the popular world game. Also here a lot of interesting discussions started.
After lunch we finally went back outside in the sunshine. Before that, there was a huge surprise: the boxes with the shirts arrived. Just in time for the tree planting everyone could pull over a “Stop Talking. Start Planting.”-Shirt. Everyone was happy.
After a short introduction on tree planting as well as very funny song on trees all participants could finally take a spade in hand and start planting. We almost had to slow them down, since unfortunately here in England it’s still not the ideal planting season. And obviously we want our trees to survive!
We continued with the rhetoric training and the World Café. Again, everyone was very creative and active. At the end, some of the new ambassadors went on stage: they presented what they had learned to their parents. And did it amazingly: an almost professional speech was followed by a breath-taking finish: Stop Talking. Start Planting.
During the whole day, the kids proved they could have a lot of fun and play around. But during the important bits they all listened very attentively and interested. Congratulations to a group of very clever, open-minded children.
Many thanks to the Woodland Trust for the trees and the Parents’ Association for the lunch. And especially many thanks to all participants, teachers and helpers that have made this a very special day.

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