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April 27, 2012

One Billion Trees for Kenya

In Kenya, every child learns that it has to plant at least 8 trees when it do not want to breathe the air of someone else. Thanks to Wangari Maathai, today Kenya is the origin of the modern global plant movement. Through tree planting, Wangari empowered the women in Africa and she also developed the idea of the Billion Tree Campaign and thus, inspired us children. Planting trees together make us feel like a world family. Only by working together and feeling as global citizens, we can solve the global problems. In the last 5 years, 1,419 people, companies and organisations planted 495 million trees alltogether. On April 19th 2012, a group of companies pledged to double this amount and to plant one billion trees until end of 2012. Leah Wanambwa, head of our Plant-for-the-Planet office in Nairobi, helped to organise the event. Felix sent a video message, our introduction video was shown and Faridosa hold an excellent presentation about 20 minutes. Faridosa is also an actor in our 42 minute documentary that will be broadcastet in German TV in 2012.

Zebra in the red Heels is an art-campaign from Safaricom to promote nature and art.

Fanina Kodre-Alexander, Head of the Internet Unit of UNEP, hands over a Plant-for-the-Planet-Tree-Planter-Jacket to Bob Collymore CEO of Safaricom, a company of the Vodafone-group.

Video message from Felix to Kenya:

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