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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Capim Grosso (Brazil), 03 April 2012

Primeira Academia na Bahia!

Em cooperação com a Associação AEC-TEA, http://aec-tea.org/

The first academy at the federal state Bahia was taking place at the hinterland which is called “Sertão”. At the moment “Sertão” is afflicted by a drought. Therefore we don’t need to seek far for effects of climate changes. The excellent organized academy by the local organisation AEC-TEA was attended by a team of international advisers from four Nations. Trees were planted just before sunset, because the temperature is more bearable then. Of the participans, two very good speakers were selected (Gabriel and Fernando), who went in the academies in the federal state Bahia they invited more kids to join Plant-for-the-Planet.

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