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March 29, 2012

Rotary and Plant-for-the-Planet

Two brothers Jona (14) and Luca (12) spoke on 17th March 2012 to rotaries in Bottrop. At the district conference of the Rotary president, they gave the presentation “Now we children are saving the world!” The compelling presentation from the two boys impressed the audience.

Just one day later, the first Academy request arrived at the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat. Three rotaries from Nordrhein-Westfalen wanted to host Academies and enable the empowerment of more Climate Justice Ambassadors.

Jona and Luca were empowered as Climate Justice Ambassadors at Academies in 2009 in Duisburg and in 2010 in Düsseldorf respectively. The Duisburg Plant-for-the-Planet group celebrated its first success in 2011 when those from the town of Duisburg were awarded with the environment prize.

That they now have set in motion the empowering of up to 240 more Ambassadors through one single speech is outstanding and shows that every single Ambassador can commit themselves to Plant-for-the-Planet and can achieve something. Whether small or big, all involvement from Ambassadors brings the children’s initiative bit by bit nearer to its goals.

We will try to organise the Academies on days when Jona and Luca can empower this 240 ambassadors themselves. Thank you Jona and Luca.

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