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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Malawi, 5. march 2012

Malawi had for the first time in history held a Children’s Academy organized by  Rev Tad Juma, Youth pastor, Church of Central Africa  Presbytery.

This Academy took place on 5th March at the Nkhoma Synod Youth offices , Msokhamanja , in the Capital.

It was a very great invent that drew attention of people   across Malawi where 100 Children participated and planted trees at the end of the workshop.

We started the Academy at 9hrs in the morning and ended up at 16hrs .

It was really liked by all participants and the children have vowed to become the first Ambassadors to climate change issues and it was really touching .

The workshop came to a climax when these children sang different songs  asking the for an urgent action to the general community to join hands with them in addressing climate injustices.

There after came time to receive a T-shirt, books, fliers and certificates.

100 Children from around Lilongwe City schools came and you may see them from the photos.

Below is a list of names  of the participants and their school/ church.

A)       M’buka  Primary school.

    Ephel Bayison   ( F) 11 Yrs old
    Mary Edson       (F) 11 Yrs old
    Brandina Yassin ( F) 11 yrs old
    Bridget Dyson   ( F) 11 yrs old
    Obright P hiri ( M) 13 Yrs old
    Devison Steven ( M) 12 yrs old
    Dickson Goon ( M) 12 yrs old
    Jailosi Namankhwa ( M) 11 yrs old
    Emanuel Zuze ( M) 12 yrs old
    Josephy Banda ( M) 14 Yrs old
    Michael Benson( M) 14  yrs old
    Greshan Edison ( M) 16 yrs old
    Alinafe Chikoja (M) 12 yrs old
    Ester Banda ( M) 14 yrs old
    Posha Phiri  ( M) 14 yrs old
    Grace Banda ( F) 15 yrs old
    Joyce Moyo ( F) 13 Yrs old
    Charity Phiri ( F) 14 Yrs old
    Beauty Jere ( F) 13 Yrs old
    Clement John ( M) 14 Yrs ol.


     Doreen Issa ( F) 12 yrs old
    Leah Kusinyala ( F) 11 yrs old
    Joyce Juma ( F) 6 yrs old
    Sarah Mkwinda ( F) 12 Yrs old
    Cecilia Phiri  ( F) 10 yrs old
    Amina Juma ( F) 12 Yrs old
    Natasha Chirwa ( F) 12 yrs old
    Tereza Makulu ( F) 10 yrs old
    Debra Zakiel ( f) 9 yrs old
    Tadala kolowiro ( F) 12 yrs old
    Ruth Chazama ( F) 9 yrs old
    James Mwase ( M) 10 yrs old
    Chancy  Phiri ( M) 12 yrs old
    Cliff  Hodges ( M) 13 yrs old
    Mike Manda  ( M) 12 yrs old
    Mike Phiri ( M) 14 Yrs old
    Chancy Kalanda ( M) 13 yrs old
    Andrew Banda( M) 12 yrs old
    Chimwemwe Banda (M)  13 yrs old
    Tadala Vello ( F) 14 yrs old


    Emmanuel Juma  (M) 11 yrs old
    Caroline Makhalira ( F) 13 yrs old
    Peace Jumbe ( F) 13 yrs old
    James Kawonga ( M) 13 yrs old
    Joyce Devson (F) 14 yrs old
    Tadala kalinda ( F) 13 yrs old
    Naomi Betha ( F) 14 yrs old
    Grace Kasapila ( f) 13 yrs old
    James Julius  ( M) 14 yrs
    Stella Juma , ( F)  15 yrs old
    Kelvin Banda ( M) 13 yrs old
    Mannuel Phiri ( M) 13 Yrs old
    Innocent Thindwa ( M) 14 Yrs old
    Happy Kamanga ( M) 15 Yrs old
    Alinafe Mtema ( F) 14 yrs old
    Hilder Msosa ( F) 14 yrs old
    Solomy Moyo ( F) 14 yrs old
    Rose Moyo ( F) 10 yrs old
    Rebecca Kamphonda ( F) 15 yrs old

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