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March 26, 2012

Plant-for-the-Planet at ITB in Berlin

From 7th to 11th of March, nearly 20 children from Berlin were representing Plant-for-the-Planet at the International Tourism trade fair (ITB) in Berlin. Reason for this was Felix’s invitation to give a talk at the ITB Convention, which was running parallel to the trade fair, on Friday 9th of March.

Already on Wednesday and Thursday, the days before Felix‘ talk, the children were running through all the halls to not only swap our book “Tree by Tree” for business cards, but to also try and win new partners for our Future Fee. Most of the time they came back to our stall with lots of business cards and exciting stories about who they had met and talked to. On their way they were often offered international delicacies, given bags full of presents and some came even back with new Egyptian Henna tattoos! There was also busy coming and going at our stall, where people, whose curiosity was raised by our campaign photos, were interested in how they could support us.

Our highlight was Felix talk on Friday! He talked for half an hour about Plant-for-the-Planet and the children from Berlin were happy to support him on stage! Following the talk, greencasting.tv did an interview with Felix and went from stall to stall, where they also accidentally ran into Dirk Niebel, the federal minister for economic cooperation and development, and took a “Stop talking. Start planting.” photo with him. In the afternoon the children were spontaneously invited to give a talk as part of an event called “Inspirational Stories”, which they even managed in English!

A big thanks goes to all the children from Berlin, which helped us at the ITB! But also thank you to the teachers Katharina Jacob and Inken Mungard and all the parents and other adults who supported the children. Thank you to Prof. Conrady, who made our appearance at the ITB Berlin possible!

Look here at the video of Felix´ presentation:


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