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December 7, 2012

Shady Chocolate

The investigative journalist Miki Mistrati once again travelled to the cacoa producing countries to find out whether child labour still plays an important role in the industry. Unfortunately he discovered that this is still a great problem and that we, the consumer, have the power to avoid child labor by consuming fairtrade products.

Some months ago, Miki Mistrati’s film-team visited Plant-for-the-Planet in Germany and recorded the children during one of their choco-mobs to promote the Change Chocolate. The choco-mob isn’t included in the movie but you can see it here:


The Change Chocolate children – Shady Chocolate from Helle Faber on Vimeo.

The movie will be shown in TV:

  • 09.12.12: DR1 kl. 22.10 (Danish tv
  • 16.12.12: SVT (Swedish tv)
  • 17.12.12: ARD kl. 22.45 (German tv)
  • 07.01.13: NDR kl. 22.00 (German tv)

Here you can see the trailer:

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