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April 19, 2012

The Change Chocolate

German Minister for Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner was one of our first visitors, during her tour of the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (IMS) in Cologne on 29th January 2012. Our ambassadors Alina and Moritz explained to her exactly why we have brought a chocolate onto the market.

Alina explained to the minister really exactly why us children have developed this special chocolate, together with a Swiss chocolate producer, namely because it embodies the values that we stand for.







We children want:
1. that the children of cocoa farmers to be able to go to school. We don’t want our peers in Africa having to pick cocoa beans for us.
2. that the CO2 generated during production and transportation of the chocolate is immediately compensated for.
3. that it tastes good
4. and that it looks good

From cocoa bean to transport to the final customer, one chocolate bar produces approximately 300g of CO2. The Swiss chocolate producer Chocolats Halba plants one tree for every 1000 bars, which can absorb approximately 3000kg during its lifetime. Therefore the production of the chocolate is altogether CO2 natural.







For this Fair Trade product, Chocolats Halba purchases the cocoa beans exclusively from Fair Trade cooperations. With the additional income from fair trade, social projects are being financed for the cocoa bean farmers to improve their living conditions. You can see how, where and which types of trees will be planted in this video:

So our chocolate is a real “children’s chocolate”, says Felix, “We came up with the idea for the chocolate, after we were invited to a chocolate industry meeting in May 2011.” Become a fan of the Change Chocolate on Facebook now and never miss out!

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