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85 New Ambassadors Plant 120 trees in Dubai

Celebrating the Earth Week 2013 in UAE, SynergY Youth Group after months of thoughtful planning and preparation successfully organized a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy at The Address Dubai Marina Hotel on Saturday 20th April 2013. “Stop talking. Start planting.” promoted by SynergY Founder Simran Vedvyas, a 14 year old student found support of Dubai Municipality for the green initiative of SynergY to plant trees at the Landfill with Purpose.


85 Youth and Children from more than 15 schools and institutions from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi conducted the day-long event and planted a total of 120 trees near the landfill with purpose to educate the youth about landfills being an evil necessity currently, which need to be reduced faster than ever before on one hand and on the other providing more oxygen by planting trees near the area to reduce the toxins and their effects.



The day started with the Registrations and ‘Meet and greet’ followed by a welcome address by Simran Vedvyas – the Academy Organizer. The participants then boarded the pre-arranged buses escorted by few adults on each bus ensuring the safety. The Trees we planted with great enthusiasm seen and then the team returned back to the hotel. At the beautiful Constellation Ballroom the presentation about Climate Crises was done by Simran followed by the Film on ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ and then ‘The Man who Planted Trees’. The presentation was inspiring and interesting and then everyone had a sumptuous lunch.


After the Lunch some energizers, world café games and Climate Quiz were conducted. All the participants also marked their presence by putting up “Green Imprints”. The Organizer chose to name the 9 teams; as ‘Endangered Trees’- Elm, Bamboo, Ghaf, Banyan, Oak, Pine, Willow, Mangrove and Acacia. The participants were enthused and stimulated as the event became livelier during the Grand Finale with SynergY members and participants’ along with the supporters and invited guests drumming freely and believing that the world needs – ‘Unity though Rhythm’, supported by Dubai Drums.


The Future Action Planning was thoughtfully conducted and the SynergY Club Members unified to work together in future. A young participant also offered an Italian Opera Earth Rendition. The event concluded after scores of Climate Justice Ambassadors were awarded their Certificates from Plant-for-the-Planet endorsed by UNEP and organized by SynergY.

Plant-for-the-Planet as we all know is a global children’s initiative through which children generate awareness among other children by enlightening them about climate crisis and environmental protection urging them to take action by planting more and more trees. It is also an endeavor of the children to sensitize the adults while they talk; by saying: “Stop talking. Start planting.” So in Dubai this wave was created well with the help and support of friendly media. Commenting as one of her dreams ‘to conduct a successful Plant- for-the-Planet Academy of this big magnitude’ being fulfilled today; -Simran Vedvyas, the Founder and Chairperson of SynergY said ‘Planting Trees is the ultimate and definitive joy and we are happy to join the powerful global family and enter our count of trees through the tree counter at Plant-for-the-planet. An event like this cannot happen overnight. The wheels start rolling weeks ago. It requires planning and a bird’s eye for details and I thank everyone involved for their support.’


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