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March 19, 2013

Ambassadors for Climate Justice now also plant in the Southwest of England

On the 7th the Plant-for-the-Planet network reached Cornwall, in the Southwest of England. In Wadebridge, on the river Camel the St. Breocks Primary School had invited to an Academy. It took place during Climate Week, which this year saw more than 3,600 events concerning the climate all over the UK.

Children from five schools came on this warm,  but also a little rainy spring day. Nevetheless, of course no one minded going outside to play some games and “break the ice”.

Since up to this date there hadn’t been any Academies in the Southwest, unfortunately no child from Plant-for-the-Planet could come to present the initiative. Instead, our man in the UK, Sebastian, told the participants what the climate crisis and Felix’ ideas are about.

Back in children’s hands, we continued with the World Game, where many learned lots of new, interesting and sometimes surprising things. However, the highlight of the day was – of course – the tree planting. As many as 100 trees were planted by the 30 participants in no time. The new trees will be part of the “Jubilee Alley” (in honour of the Queen’s jubilee) and a green “ship” of trees and other plants.

For all the enthusiasm and joy planting trees, the timetable was forgotten a little bit – but that was fine. Still, after some de-mudding, the new ambassadors also learned more about holding presentations and what their task will be  at Plant-for-the-Planet. Next, they started right away with brainstorming some ideas for the future. Those were even presented to the parents that arrived for the closing ceremony. In any case, the idea of Plant-for-the-Planet will definitely spread quickly in Cornwall with these amazing plans. Therefore the certificates and books for the new ambassadors were well deserved! Welcome at Plant-for-the-Planet, ambassadors from Wadebridge.

We say thank you to Helen Blackburn and St.-Breocks Primary School for hosting the event, to all teachers that made the participation of their children possible, to the Woodland Trust for the trees and of course to all participants for a great day. Many thanks!

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