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April 12, 2013

Bob Marley at the Klimaxforum in Mexico

The Academy at the Klimaxforum in Puebla, Mexico was quite unconventional. Not only becuase just 7 children took part, electricity went out half way through the presentation and obliged participants to gather around the computer to follow the presentation of the Climate Justice Ambassadors. For the world game, some interested adults joined the group and gave the activity a different twist, and in general the whole programme was very interactive. But the most interesting part was the tree that was planted at the end of the Academy by the roadside. It was baptized “Bob Marley” and when I say baptized, I mean baptized! All the participants of the Klimaxforum gathered and each one gave it water and good wishes. Nayeli Cruz García, a university student who had organized the Academy together with one of her classmates and a university professor found this the most remarkable thing about the whole Academy!


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