April 11, 2013

Group of Edinburgh Climate Justice Ambassadors ever increasing

On the 10th of April 2013, Sciennes Primary School hosted the already third Academy in the Scottish Capital. Four neighbouring schools happily joined the event and enjoyed a great day.

The day was started by a warm welcome from the members of the Sciennes Eco-committee. In the following presentation as well as in the World Game all the participants showed their great interest and already existing knowledge on the topics of climate change and global justice. Consequently, they were very eager to learn more about what Plant-for-the-Planet is doing.

As soon as they had learned why and how they should plant trees, understandably they wanted to turn it into action right away. So, off they went to a patch of land just in front of the school to plant thirty cherry, rowan and birch trees. With every one so motivated, the trees were in the soil in almost no time, even though all the trees were properly baptized and provided with a little natural shelter to protect them from careless animals or boots. According to Scottish legends, the planted rowan trees will even keep away any witches, who try to get on the school grounds.

Since the visiting schools needed to get back to their schools, the afternoon activities unfortunately had to be cut quite short. Nevertheless, there was still some time to think about some amazing ideas for the future Ambassadors, which will serve as a great base for further planning.

Thank you so much, new Ambassadors, for a great day. Thanks as well to all teachers and learning assisstants involved for making this day possible as well as to the Woodland Trust for the trees. We’re looking forward to many more trees and activities in Edinburgh!

Please find here the pictures of the great event:

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