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January 29, 2013

Last Mexican Academy of the Mayan Calendar

The last Academy in Mexico in the 13th baktun (a unit of the prehispanic calendar that lasts 400 years and ended on December 21st 2012) took place on December 17th, four days before the turn of the era, in the indigenous community of Frontera Corozal, only a few kilometers away from the former Mayan city of Yaxchilán. The Academy was translated into Ch’ol, the local language that descends directly from Mayan of the classical times over 1000 years ago. Nowadays Ch’ol is used to read the glyphs from classic period that have survived to the present day.

But there was no doom and gloom at the Academy. All the children were excited to join Plant-for-the-Planet and started right away by planting a number of trees near the entrance of the village. The same evening they participated at the festivities for the anniversary of the foundation of the community of Frontera Corozal and presented Plant-for-the-Planet to the whole community and the guests of honour that had assembled for the occasion.


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