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October 21, 2013

Motorbike-Club Promotes Tree Planting

A very unconventional Plant-for-the-Planet Academy was organized on October 12th 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. A member of the Apache MC (Motorcycle Club) Thailand invited his fellow bikers with children to their local hang-out – a restaurant at a road intersection in Bangkok. The world game was improvised with chalk and some muffins on tables and the presentation was shared between one of the youth and Galileo from Germany – presented on a screen that usually just shows sport events. Nevertheless, the participating children were excited to become a part of Plant-for-the-Planet. One of the attending adults has plans to spread Plant-for-the-Planet to all parts of Thailand through his work – he works for the Thai King and has access to selected students from all over the country.
It isn’t the first time that the Apache MC Thailand does good. They are used to planting trees themselves every December and they do fundraisers for poor communities.

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