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October 24, 2013

Very Special Academy in Picturesque Yangshuo, China

Firstly, it was an “international ” Academy. The participants were partly the children of German holidaymakers from two China Tours travel groups and partly other Chinese village children from Yulong, a village famous for its picturesque bridge, which is also known as a starting point for bamboo raft rides along the Yulong river. The stunning karst scenery of Yangshuo can also be seen on the Chinese 20 Yuan banknote.

The presentation was given by the youngest ever Climate Justice Ambassador, Galileo (then aged 5). Galileo has already participated in many academies with his father Plant-for-the-Planet employee Kjell Kühne, but until now limited to clicking forward the slides on the computer.This time he held his first ever Ambassador Lecture and was finally appointed a Climate Justice Ambassador.

After “work” on the subject of climate crisis and fairness in the village school we went to the tree planting . Between water buffalo and cormorants, which are traditionally used in Yulong to catch fish, trees were planted. They are called Sweet Osmanthuis, in Chinese, they are called Guihua Shu and provide the nearby district capital of Guilin with its name, where coincidently, the first Plant-for-the-Planet Academy was held in China in 2009.

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