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October 2, 2014

Ghanaian Children Planted 414 Trees

Plant-for-the-Planet is expanding! More and more children around the world are interested in planting trees and saving the world. One of those countries is Ghana. During the summer five academies took place all over the country since Plant-for-the-Planet programme coordinator and Youth Global Board member Mohammed Rabiu Dannakabu as well as moderator Mr. Yasir made this possible. For every academy 10 regional schools gave each 8 students the opportunity to attend the academy. All of the events were free-of-charge.

The first academy took place on June 7th in Fumbisi, Builsa East District. All of the children were very excited about the Academy they had been waiting to come for so long. All in all they were very interested and hardworking. With great success: 109 Acacia trees were planted!

On June 14th the second Ghanaian academy happened in Doba. Since none of the 80 children wanted to miss the start of the academy so at about 7:30AM on Saturday morning they were complete. Although the electricity in the host school didn’t work out and the children didn’t have the opportunity to watch the movie “The man who planted trees” they were interested in the topic and understood the message. In total the children planted 49 Acacia and other type of trees.

The third academy took place one week later in Bolgatanga Municipal, Kolgo. Although they had problems with the location because it was neither safe nor had access to electricity and had to change it on the morning of the academy they found a better place where the excited participants had the chance to learn about the climate transition. They had the chance to watch the movie and even planted 76 Acacia trees since that were the trees that do well in the vicinity. With the assistance of the strong adults present the children placed the trees in pre-pared holes.

Again a week later an academy happened in Navrongo. It was located in a regional school, where head master Mr Razak was present the whole day to support the academy. After an instruction from a staff of the forestry they were supposed to plant 100 Acacia trees. Due to time constraints they took some to their various schools.

The last academy took also place in Bolgatanga on July 5th. The academy started almost more than an hour late to the agreed time during to various reasons, but the children had fun learning about all the different aspects of the climate change. In total 10 trees of economical trees and acacia trees were distributed to the children to plant at their various schools making the total trees 80.

Great thanks to all the helpers that made planting these 414 trees in Ghana possible.

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