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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy launched in France

Courage is what it takes to get up, stand up and speak. This day you will learn a lot about your world and its problems that people are living within and you will build friendship that will last a lifetime.
Facing this inspiring courage 60 French kids got together to enjoy the first Plant-for-the-Planet academy in France, which was taking place the 28th Mai in Saint Gratien near Paris.
The main goal was to become an ambassador for climate justice and to take part of the global youth movement of Plant-for-the-Planet.
The academy was opened by the two bilingual students for Munich Jeanne und Cecilia who presented in a perfect French language the standard presentation “Now we children solve the world!” in French it was « Maintenant, nous les enfants, sauvons le monde ».
The two bilingual students took the long way to Paris because they wanted to realize the formation of the French children during the first Plant-for-the-Planet academy in France. After this presentation, the children discussed some urgent questions concerning the climate crises, its causes and consequences and also the question why CO2 is so important for the increasing of temperature and the greenhouse effect.
These questions were discussed:
1.What is the greenhouse effect?
2.Where does the CO2 come from?
3.What are the elements and actions to accelerate the climate crisis?
4.What are the immediate consequences of climate change for people and their environment?
5.Is the human being really responsible for the climate crisis?
6.What does exactly “ozone hole” mean?
After all questions were sufficiently answered, the children looked to the global situation of inequality and played game «World game » to find out who was really responsible for the global emission of CO2 and which countries suffer the most from the consequences of climate change. Due to the playful atmosphere the children learned a lot about global injustice in terms of the distribution of resources and wealth.
After lunch the kids went out in the school’s garden to plant small trees and bushes. Everyone was really enthusiastic and enjoyed deeply the plating action.
For being a good ambassador for climate justice it is important to know how to speech in front of a lot of people. The rhetoric exercise is therefor a good training for practicing those skills. So the kids did their best.
In the afternoon the newly trained ambassador for climate justice presented what exactly they have learned during the whole day in the Jean Jaurès School and shared the new experiences with the children of the younger classes of their school.
To crown the day, the book “Tree by Tree” and the certificate, which confirms the formation of an ambassador for climate justice, were finally distributed to all children.
Now, take courage, explore your world and take your turn!!
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