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September 24, 2014

The Biggest Climate Demonstration of all Time!

The climate transition starts getting out of control. A fact the United Nations are aware of and asked state and government leaders of all world to a High-Level Meeting in New York. To react on this climate meeting more than 1000 organizations, including Plant-for-the-Planet, called for worldwide protests.

Mobilization was truly huge, and truly global. The map shows all the places that there were events took place on 21 September 2014 – over 2000 in all!

With success: All in all more than 675,000 people went out onto the streets and emphasized how much the climate transition means to them. Furthermore they expressed their hope to grow a new society based on 100% clean energy.

New York (source: avaaz.org/de/climat_march_reportback)

More than 2800 cities in 170 countries were involved, including many German ones like Berlin, Munich and Ulm. Everywhere in the world a lot of ambassadors for climate justice were present demonstrating for a better future. All demonstrations contributed to the biggest climate-demonstration of all time, called the People’s Climate March.

Still this was only the precursor, because on December 12th children and youth around the world will raise their voice once again, when the 20th climate conference (COP 20) will take place in Lima, Peru. Under the slogan “You’ve been discussing even longer than we’ve been alive” the protests keep going to put politicians under pressure and to achieve a clear international aim.

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