October 5, 2015

130 New Climate Justice Ambassadors Empowered in Nigeria

130 New Climate Justice Ambassadors Empowered in Nigeria

More than 130 pupils and students from primary and secondary schools participated in the Plant-for-the-Planet events. Children of ages 9-15 were informed about the causes, effects and possible solutions to global climate crisis. Additionally, they had the opportunity to discuss the topic in smaller groups. Finally, an invited forester showed them how to plant trees.


The two academies took part on June 30 and July 1, 2015, at the University of Ilorin. After a brief welcome and a presentation about Plant-for-the-Planet Academy the children were informed of Climate Change. They were educated on the causes, effects and solutions to bad climate facing the world as well as briefed on the importance of tree planting within their environment.

After a break, the children formed groups to debate the climate crisis. They prepared short presentations and suggested plans on how to train other students to be part of the Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative. At the end, the participants were moved to the schoolyard. Dr. Fola Babalola, an invented forester, showed them how to plant trees. In total, 90 seedlings of pancreas were planted as the result of the two academies.

Finally, all the participants received their certificates, which recognized them as Climate Justice Ambassadors.


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