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November 9, 2015

Climate Justice Ambassadors are suing the US

More than twenty Climate Justice Ambassadors across the United States of America are suing states and the Federal Government to achieve that they protect natural resources, reduce carbon emissions and push action on the climate crisis. They invoke to the public trust doctrine, which means that the government must protect shared resources, and to the right of citizens to be free from government actions that harm life, liberty and property.

The plaintiffs of Washington State and Climate Justice Ambassadors (left to right): Aji Piper, 15, Lara Fain, 13, Gabriel Mandell, 13, and Wren Wagenbach, 14.

The Washington State case has been moving through a state court, because one of the judges will be hearing all arguments of the young plaintiffs. "The government isn't doing the best to assure that we have the best quality of life," Aji Piper said. "It holds more urgency for us. Our future is at hand."

"We're the ones who have to live with it if the oceans are acidic and the planet is 5 degrees warmer," said Gabriel Mandell. "The snowpack is melting. Ocean is acidifying. The Earth is warming. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong, and we need to fix it."

When Jenny, also one of the plaintiffs in Seattle, moved away she made her voice heard from China by writing a letter to the governor instead.


Jenny Abby Adonis and Miku

Special thanks to the nonprofit “Our Children’s Trust” which has been helping to file lawsuits or administrative petitions. They also helped the Climate Justice Ambassadors a while ago in another case for more climate justice in Washington State, which they were wining with an unprecedented decision in their Climate Change Lawsuit.

There is also a video from the newsmagazine “king 5”about the Washington case.

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