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Successful in Switzerland: Julia, Franziska und Niklas

On the 11th June in 2015 our ambassadors for climate justice Julia, Franziska and Niklas visited a branch office of the Dutch chemicals group DSM in Basel, Switzerland. In the various branch offices of the company, everywhere all over the world, took place a so-called "ONE DSM Day", in which the company dealt with the promotion of a more sustainable corporate culture and wanted to integrate the concept of sustainability in the corporate culture.

What could be more appropriate to a sustainable corporate concept, as a partnership with Plant-for -the-Planet to face the fight against CO2 emissions with planting trees?

For this reason, our ambassador for climate justice were on site in Kaiseraugst and held a lecture to approximately 40 of the 600 employees from all levels of operation, in which they drew attention to the acute need for action, the importance of Plant-for -the-Planet and to the project “Change Chocolade“.

After the presentation of our ambassadors a symbolic tree has been planted and they also achieved a promise that the employees of DSM will plant 1557 trees. The audience was all excited and CEO Christoph Goeppelsröder expressed his enthusiasm and promised to continue the support of the initiative.




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