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August 12, 2015

Conference in the University del Sur in Cancún

On 12th august 2015 in Cancún Quintanaroo México, the ambassadors Paulina and César realized a serie of conferences about Plant-for-the-Planet in the prestigious University del Sur in Cancún Quintanaroo, one of the universities with most presence in the country and with a high number of students with diferent careers. In the conference serie which more than 200 students from more than 7 profesional careers attended, they could recieve all knowlegde about climate justice and about how the organization works to hold up and stop the climate crisis. So this way the University del Sur as well as their base of posterior students were committed to the organization to create a intern policy to reduce greenhouse gases and realize recuring afforestations which will be added to our worldwide account. With that the University del Sur de Cancún puts down a new marker in the fight against the climate crisis which could be imitated in all other schools in the country.

Additionally, in the end of the conferences the Macronews newspaper realized an interview with both ambassadors.

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