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13 Academies took place in Ghana in Februar and March 2017

Between the months of February and March 2017, 13 Academies took place in Ghana! The first Academy started on 1st February 2017 and the last Academy took place on 31st March 2017. From Plant-for-the-Planet Team in Tutzing we would like to sincerely thank Mohammed Rabiu – our Program Coordinator in Ghana and his team, without his inspiring work such great Academies numbers will not be possible.

There were two months pre arrangements done with the various schools that participated in the various towns and cities (Atonsy, Danyame, Abirem, Sepe, Sawaba, Eijsu, Mempiasem, Asepi, Aboabo, Yapei, Bupei, Bamboi, Tamale), which were to get the convenient dates that will go well with the other schools participated.

The typical time of starting Academies in Ghana is 9 a.m., but due other factors, some of  13 Academies took place in the afternoon. The Academy teams normally arrive some minutes to time in most cases to allow rearrange the venue to suit it to the program. Before Academy starts it’s done a random discussion with the kids to find out, if they have heard in any way about Plant-for-the-Planet.

The kick of the programs started with an introduction from the team to allow the children and teachers around to have an idea of the whole program are about. The T-shirts were distributed to all participants before the start of the presentation, children went through the modules and at the end each child received a Tree-by-Tree book. After the successful participation in the Academy day, every child is awarded with a Climate Justice Ambassador Certificate.

During the 13 Academies, there were 80 children attending on each Academy day. It is usually invited 10 schools each can send 8 children to participate. The total number of the participants for the 13 Academies is – 1040 children who became Climate Justice Ambassador in Ghana.

The most important aspect of the whole program is how to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we plant trees to serve as an additional carbon sink and teach the children how to plant trees and take care of trees and we also encourage them to plant more trees. During the Academies, we demonstrate how to plant with some few trees and give the rest of the trees seedlings to the schools to plant on a later date.

The total number of trees planted during the 13 academies is 761 trees the most of it are mango trees.

The children during the Academies actually made organizers to see the reason, why we have to train children to be Global Justice Ambassadors. All the 13 Academies were fun and educative. It was such great moments for all the participating schools as they feel respected and fortunate to be contacted for such an educative program.

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