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December 8, 2017

Dutch children in Almere take over the responsibility for their future!

The first big Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in the Netherlands took place on Thursday, 23 november 2017 in Almere. A mix of 30 various-aged-children from the school “De Ontdekking”  arrived to the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy with an oldtimer bus of Stichting Stad & Natuur in Almere.

In the beautifully located facilities of the Stichting Stad & Natuur Almere, these children learned about the climate crisis and the causes of it. They learnd about climate justice and the catastrophal results, the emissions of CO² have on our lives and the lives of people in poorer countries. They discussed how they can take action to protect the world against the greenhouse effect and help to avoid further temperature raise and melting of the gletschers.

After a presentation of their planned activities, these new “world-savers” were rewarded with a certificate and from now on they can call themselves climate justice ambassadors. They expanded the still growing ambassadorsnetwork of 63.000 children in 58 countries.

These new ambassadors now understand that trees are crucial, in our fight against increasing level of exhaustion,s as they absorb CO² without usage of any unnatural resourses. Trees only need light, water and plenty of CO². Trees offers the best and at the same time the easiest way to eliminate the manmade emissions of CO²!  Following this idea, the children planted 100 trees in the “Stad & Natuur” area in Almere.

The event was free-of-charge for all the attending children thanks to financial support of Staples Solutions who also initiated this first “Plant For The Planet” workshop in the Netherlands.

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