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Hero Award for Plant-for-the-Planet: Best Youth Act 2017

Thanks to all people who voted for us and the Peace Jam jury, Plant-for-the-Planet received the Hero Award in the category Best Youth Act (as Co-Winner together with Aerobotics 7). The campaign led by 14 Nobel Peace Prize Winners including The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu motivates every day people around the world to actively work to create a more sustainable and peaceful world.

The guest of honor was Oscar Arias Sanchez from Costa Rica. He has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987. In his speech, he also mentioned us children and youth: “The children of the world want and need are health clinics and schools, not tanks or armed helicopters or fighter jets.”

And, as Felix added in his workshop ne held for the youth attending the event, the children and youth want a future. By planting trees, Plant-for-the-Planet aims to mitigate the climate crisis and avoid flooding, droughts and conflicts. The war in Syria is just one example for a conflict worsened by the massive droughts which had been caused by the climate crisis.

As a sign of hope, Plant-for-the-Planet is honored by receiving the Hero Award and will continue to motivate people all over the world to plant trees together – peacefully,  as a family of world citizens. You can help us doing so by donating, planting trees and telling all people about the importance of Climate Justice.

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