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Bring peace through trees!

The second Academy this year took place in Ngaoundéré, region of Adamaoua, Cameroon. Geographically Ngaoundére is located in the north of of Cameroon where Muslims and Christians are sharing daily life. The current situation in North Cameroon is a bit sensitive regarding the “Living together” of the different religious groups. Despite the fact that Christians and Muslims are living, sharing and worshiping together, some places are experimented and facing many challenges such as:

➢ Social Integration 

➢ Terrorism (excerted by the sect MBOKO Haram and others)

➢ Hunger 

➢ Insecurity with refugees from the Central African Republic and Nigeria 

➢ Border conflict (BAKASSI)

➢ Cultural shock, etc.

This where our main motivational causes to organize a second academy in 2018 in the region, in order to BRING PEACE through TREES by involving children and youth from different denominations, respectively working with conventional (Christians) and Koranic schools (Muslims). Therefore this academy was structurally different from others .The particularity was that it happens in a very delicate place and in context of political crisis during critical and painful period.

80 children and some parents have attended this academy. Lead by Mr. Felix NKAM, the coordinator, the particularity was the presence of the Government High Commissioner of Ngaoundéré’s URBAN COUNCIL, M. AMADOU DAWA who has attended personally – we were honored by his presence. We seized this special opportunity (who isn´t given easily) to enrich our action and vision. We used his picture in the same title with others celebrities who are involved in the “TAKE ACTION Campaign” STOP TALKING! START PLANTING!

Let share a bit about Mr Amadou DAWA: As one of the most influential authorities in Cameroon he is very passionate about trees. He is the owner of many great initiatives in terms of promoting trees locally, regionally and internationally!

The Academy was focused on significant modules: 

1. Opening Devotion 

2. Opening Ceremony 

3. Listening and Discussion of an Ambassador’s Speech 

4. Sharing on climate justice

5. The Rhetoric Training

6. Planting Campaign

7. World Game

8. World Café

9. Farewell


Opening Devotion

We started this academy by two prayers led respectively by one pastor and one Imam according to the realities of the field.


Opening Ceremony

This activity was only related to the opening speeches as civilities.

The first speech was held by the representative of the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development, who welcomed all participants and showed the importance of this activity in terms of perpetrating the life that God gave us in abundance. He was very concerned by the goals Plant-for-the-Planet wants to achieve.

The second speech was held by M. Felix NKAM the coordinator in order to present what is Plant-for-the-Planet, as well as the initiative’s aims and the vision. After greeting the children and special guests and thanking the host, he started to present the daily program while stressing peculiarities.

The floor was given to the government delegate just declared who opened the second academy and through an educational talk he raised awareness among children on the necessity of trees and their impact on the environment


Listening and Discussion of an Ambassador Speech

The space was given to Rev Narcisse Todem, a young climate activist and Ambassador of Climate Justice, who gave some feedback on Plant-for-the-Planet activities in order to build confidence in the participants and help them plan their future involvement to the upcoming events.

The Rhetoric Training, Planting Campaign, World Game and World Café

These modules where lead by Felix NKam, the coordinator. Through his speech the participants were shown opportunities to discover the power of speech as well as the effects of the body language, and practice their speaking skills in front of parents and authorities.

As we unfortunately didn’t have a movie to present, we gave space to some experts to sensitize on the role of trees to nature.

The environmentalist engineers who were present had the opportunity to talk to the children about tree-planting techniques. Afterwards, we moved to the designated tree-planting area on a slope next to a park. 160 trees that were offered to us by the government delegate were planted, which is an average of two trees per child.

After planting trees, we went back once again to the meeting hall in order to continue with the games and skills sharing through groups and workshop, in which Maps were used. It was time to give feedback of the academy and practice speech in front of many people. This section of the academy was quite important in terms of bringing together children to celebrate their oneness and uniqueness on terms related to the climate. It was also a great occasion to identify geographically the position of continents and countries while seeing their impact to the environment.

During the farewell ceremony, certificates were given to the participants in order to make use of the newly acquired skills to endeavor actions in their respective schools.

The cliché identity of the participants was more related to religion. They came from two Koranic schools and two public schools laic and Christian: it is the reality of the ground that is imposed on us. Four clubs were formed to streamline the action of the academy in the Koranic schools and public laic schools-

Felix Nkam

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