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First Academy of the 2018 season for Cote d’Ivore took place in Konofla

On Saturday morning 50 children from 7 different schools and their parents were waiting outside the schoolyard, as no one wanted to miss this event. Thanks to the local organisers, the Academy was free of charge for the attending children aged between 8 and 14. Special thanks to the support of Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation.

After the speech and the introductory games in the schoolyard, the full attention turned to the presentation ‘’Now we save children in the word’’ given by Jerome. The presentation covered source of CO2, global warming, photosynthesis, Climate Crisis and Global Justice and also the history of Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation.  After the speech of the presentation all the children were stupefied to learn that our planet is in danger, therefore a solution should quickly be found now. In the following questions/answers session any ambiguities has been clarified.

After a short break, the children were divided into four small groups to learn about distribution and justice in the World Game. This game was much appreciated, because it was a question of repartition of playing figures, candies and balloons on the world maps laid out on the floor as symbols of the world population. The children learned through this game the origin of the great pollution and the consequences of this pollution in the poor countries by images on the famine, drought, and floods.

The most interesting part of the day was of course the planting party. The action took place in the schoolyard in the presence of a forester.  Machetes and shovels were on the place before the act of the planting. The forester gave some advises on the importance of trees for the absorption of CO2 and how to plant a tree and ensure its survival. In total 50 Teak trees (Tectona grandis) have been planted in just over 60 minutes. After the planting party children were full of the joy. It was just a wonderful action!

Back at school children were divided into groups, a small group started preparation for the final presentation and the other groups participated in the World Café module. They were searching answers for the following questions: ‘’How do we ensure that the media reports about?’’, ‘’How do we motivate the adults?’’,‘’How do we organize a planting party?’’ ,‘’How do we create a Plant-for-the-Planet club?’’.

After such an eventful day, 50 children received certificates recognizing them as Climate Justice Ambassadors. The books and T-shirts were given in advance at the request of parents who wanted to see their children in the morning with their new clothes.

Our thank you goes to all the team members if the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation witch provided us with the material and allowed us to support the charges of the organization. Many thanks to the head of the school host. And sincerely thanks to the Plant-for-the-Planet Program Coordinator of Cote d’Ivore – Hervé Ouande Zokou!

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