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August 12, 2019

57 new Ambassadors to fight for climate justice!

The Academy on June 10th attended 58 children at the Escola Municipal Profª Lina Maria Martins Moreira. This Academy was a bit challenging because it happened in the week of exams at most of the Universities here, and the two volunteers that had confirmed with us cancelled. But luckily George was there. He has been with us since the first Academy that we produced and coordinated, therefore he was present taking pictures and helping us in general.

Therefore, there were only the two of us and 57 students to deal with and make the activities in the morning. So, after all of the kids were in the multimedia room, as an organizer and producer, I welcomed the students and presented "Plan for the Planet" to them, as well as how it came about, what problems it faces, and the solutions it presents, in addition to the steps taken in the Academies.

And then, we set out for the “World Game”. They’re very smart and got almost everything right, making us very proud. In rhetorical training, we sat the kids on the floor and explained how to make a good presentation, plus the tips for a nice feedback without being uncomfortable for the one who is receiving it. We divided them into five groups and gave each one slides of the initial presentation, as well as pieces of brown paper and pens so they could organize how they’d like to do their presentation later. Then, it was time for us to take the children of their classroom so they could create their projects and after, finally, plant their little trees. Their projects were really good, almost all of them about the need of more recyclable garbage at the school, but also about being more careful and respectful when practicing daily activities, and teaching others how important it is.

A lot of them had great ideas, including one of the groups that preferred to only draw their project, splitting the paper in the middle doing in each side the “right” and the “wrong”. Also, a lot of them loved to do the presentation, they even opened their presentation for questions at the end. It was really exciting! So, we further emphasize that they were now ready to receive their Certificates of Ambassadors of Climate Justice, but with this also the responsibility to put their projects in practice, helping their school, and of course, our planet. We reinforce once again that the change begins in the attitude of their own and that now, assuming that title the commitment was greater, they agreed and assured us that they will fulfill their obligations. We delivered the certificates and they were very proud of themselves!

Afterwards, each group went to their respective seedlings and started planting. As they finished planting their seedlings, they collected the plastics that enveloped them, and then proudly showed all the garbage they collected. When the activity was over, we asked everyone to come together so we could give the last recommendations and say good-bye. Finally, we asked them if they liked the day and the activities, and they answered us together with a loud and clear: yes! 






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