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October 10, 2019

Curitiba against the climate crisis

The Academy on May 21st was attended by 24 children at the Municipal Jornalista Arnaldo Alves da Cruz school.

As the academy was already the third one at this school, the teachers Ester and Felipe were able to contribute to it with great experience. At first, the students were welcomed and the Climate Justice Ambassadors presented  Plant-for-the-Planet, its history, the way it fights the climate crisis and the upcoming activities for the day.

They started with a game called “repeat the name”, which worked perfectly as an icebreaker. Then, the children were divided into groups with the help of a whispering game. The teachers were glad that the photographer helped them in terms of time management and that the volunteers explained the world game to the children.

In the rhetorical training, the children learned how to give a great presentation and give others constructive feedback.  

Working in pairs, they collected ideas for projects they could realize after the academy and then presented them to the group. As some children could not yet read and write, they had to be creative and draw their ideas. The projects were for example about recycling, the care for plants and animals and, most importantly, teaching adults about environmental issues.

After a break, the children received their certificates and at the same time a certain responsibility to realize the projects they had started to set up. They promised to do so and were very proud!

When the kids were asked to give the organizers a feedback, they clarily shouted “Yes!” all in one voice. When saying goodbye, everybody  was already looking forward to the tree planting the next week.

After  having changed the date and overcome some logistic problems, the four classes were finally able to start planting. Gladly, each group was supported by a volunteer. As it had been a while since the academy, the team took the opportunity to ask the kids if they remembered why it is so important for us to plant trees, and, for their joy, they remembered! There were a few challenges like the extremely dry ground, but the school helped them out with its watering cans.

The time passed very quickly and the academy was a great success! Therefore, another one followed on May, the 28th. This time, 25 children participated. Cláudio and Heloisa contributed to it with their commitment. There were also nine volunteers whom we thank for their support!

Do you want to become a climate justice ambassador, too? Here, you can find an academy in your area!

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