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December 18, 2019

Czech Republic going strong!

Great news from Plant-for-the-Planet Czech Republic! On Wednesday 11th of December, the Climate Justice Ambassadors from Ostrava have made a trip to Brno to visit the primary school Five Star Montessori.

All of the Children attending were incredibly interested in current issues regarding the climate crisis and are ready to get active with us! We started off with the presentation “Now We Children Save the World” which touched the following areas:  causes of the climate crisis, effects, solutions, greenhouse gases, co2, climate justice, renewable energies and more about the Climate Justice Ambassadors and Plant-for-the-Planet’s activities, etc. .

Afterwards the future Climate Justice Ambassadors engaged in the World Game and looked at the distributions of wealth, co2 emissions and population. They all agreed that these facts were shocking and very eye-opening.

Also the students were given a chance to share their ideas and work on those together to get active with Plant-for-the-Planet.

In a nutshell, 16 children aged 10-11 have been trained as Climate Justice Ambassadors and will therefore be the first Ambassadors in Brno! They even will be presenting the first Academy in Brno in Spring 2020 and further participate in achieving climate justice for all over the world.

All photos can be seen here.

Do you also want to become a Climate Justice Ambassaor in the Czech Republic? Then visit our Academy in Brno in 2020! All of our Academies can be found here.