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December 19, 2019

Mango, orange and papaya trees for Gagnoa

On Saturday, October 05, 2019 a very important event brought together 60 children from ten schools in Gagnoa, at the Lycee Moderne 1. Early in the morning the children were already present at Academy and gathered in the wonderful conference room.

Thanks to Mrs. Amokou Aye Valentine, regional Director of national education, Mr. Zon School counselor and Mr. Sidiki Dembele, Headmaster of the school the Academy was made possible. All of them were actively involved in the planning and organisation of this Academy. And last but not least we´d like to thank the program coordinator Mr. Zokou Herve for leading this Academy.

In the presence of the guests the children’s attention was completely turned towards the presentation “now we children save the world” held by Mr. Zokou Herve, the program coordinator. The presentation was based on subjects like CO2 sources, global warming, photosynthesis and climate crisis. The question and answer session allowed the children to understand more about the subjects.

For the following part, the children were divided into small groups to learn about global distribution and global justice in the so called “world game”. The children distributed toy figures, candy and balloons over the world map laid out on the floor as symbols of the world population, wealth and CO2 emission respectively. In the end the C02 emission and the wealth were distributed fairly among the continents. Everyone has equal rights!

After the world game, the children practised the art of public speaking in the so called “rhetorical training”. The children learned parts of the brilliant speech, held in the beginning, by heart to present it to the others. After each presentation they gave each other feedback, on how to improve their presentation skills in the future.

One small group practised the final presentation after the lunch break. The rest of the children start the World Café, collecting ideas on how to organize a planting party, how to get attention of the media, and how to involve adults in their projects.

In the afternoon, the children were happy to approach the most important phase of the ceremony, the planting party. For the introduction the forester gave a short advice on how to plant a tree, when to plant a tree and how to take care of it. According to the slogan one child one tree, 60 trees were planted! Most of them were mango trees, orange trees or also papaya trees. The planting ground, landscaped by the headmaster of this event nearly captured one hectare.

After an enjoyable day all the 60 participants received their certificate from parents, guests and teachers, which recognized them as Climate Justice Ambassadors. A copy of the book “tree by tree” and the Plant-for-the-Planet t-shirt were given to them as well.

Organizers and parents were very proud of the performance of the recently graduated Climate Justice Ambassadors.
Especially we´d like to thank Plant-for-the-Planet for their support in material.



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