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January 17, 2020

Sunny Academy in Salvador!

On a sunny Wednesday, July 17, 27 children came to the Marcos Vinicius Vilaça Municipal School, looking forward to an exciting Academy day. Four volunteers were there to kindly support the team.

After receiving their Plant-for-the-Planet Shirts, the children played a fun game called “Seed/Plant”. Then, they heard the initial presentation and played the world game to repeat what they just had heard and become aware of the unfair distribution in the world. In a rhetorical training, they practiced giving presentations as the one they had heard in the morning.

After a lunch break at home, the children came back to school and were excited about the next steps. Together, they made some creative plans on how they want to put into action what they learned and start various projects after the Academy. Then, they presented their ideas in teams: one group was planning to set up a vegetable garden, another one collected ideas on how to reuse rainwater.

Afterwords, the director Thais dos Anjos thanked the team and encouraged the children to keep in mind what they had learned. The first day was already over and the hosts took a group photo as a memory for the children.

On Friday, September 13, a new challenge was awaiting the participants: it was finally time for the tree planting! The day started just as last time with the “Seed/Plant” game. Furthermore, the kids were given useful tips on how to plant the trees. Then, they were divided into groups. Gladly, the city staff had already prepared everything for the planting session so that the students were able to start right away. The groups planted ten trees of the Altantic Forest’s native species.

After the planting was done, the children pledged to take care of the trees and the hosts took some pictures again. Then, the Academy came to an end and the team proudly said gppdbye to 27 new Climate Justice Ambassadors! 

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