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January 20, 2020

8 New Atlantic Forest Trees

On August the 7th, 27 children were waiting for a day of incredible experiences and looking forward to becoming Climate Justice Ambassadors! The Academy took place at the Escolab school, where seven volunteers supported the organization team.

In the morning, the participants received their Plant-for-the-Planet Shirts and listened to an initial presentation by another Ambassador. Then, they simulated what they had heard about the unfair distribution on the planet in the so-called World Game.

To be ready to give inspiring presentations, too, the children practiced talking in a rhethorical training.

After a break and a snack, everyone had new energy and motivation for the next steps. These required indeed lots of creativity: In groups, the kids developed ideas for various projects including for example water reuse, recycling and vegetable gardens. The groups presented their ideas using self-drawn posters,

The director Cassia, who was now aware of those plans, too, ecouraged the students and thanked the hosts for everything. She was really happy to have an Academy at the new school. The hosts motivated the children by remiding them of the Ambassador’s potential to save the planet by planting trees and spreading the vision.

In November, the Ambassadors met again to put into effect what they had learned: They planted some trees themselves! Gladly, the City Hall staff had already prepared everything. Secretary André Fraga was there to help, too, and gave the kids some important information for the planting. Together, they planted eight trees of the Atlantic Forest’s native species.

Afterwords, the team already had to say goodbye to the new Ambassadors, who pledged to take care of the planted trees.

You want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador, too? Click here to sign up for an Academy!

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