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January 21, 2020

33 New Ambassadors Facing Global Challenges

On September 4th, 33 children in Salvador had the chance to face the great challenge of changing the world – that day, 33 new Climate Justice Ambassadors emerged.

They met at Marcos Vinicius Vilaça Municipal School at 8 am. Gladly, the host team was supported by four volunteers. At first, every participant received a Plant-for-the-Planet Shirt and the group played a short game called “Plant/Seed”.

The team had invited two Climate Justice Ambassadors who gave an insight into their experiences and presented our vision of planting a trillion trees. Then, the students simulated the distribution of population, wealth and emissions on a world map and became aware of how unfair the situation is.

To practice giving presentations as the initial one themselves, the children had a rhethorical training. And then, it was already time for the lunch break!

Energized and relaxed, everyone came back to school in the afternoon. As the kids were inspred by the presentation and activities in the morning, they had creative ideas on which projects they could realize themselves. On posters, they designed for example vegetable gardens, rainwater harvesting and recycling and then presented their plans in groups.

After the academy, the school’s Director Thais dos Anjos thanked the hosts for their presence and encouraged the children to carry out even more projects and pass on everything they learned that day. Finally, the hosts reminded them of the importance of Climate justice Ambassadors and how these could save the world by planting trees. Then, they handed over a certificate to every new Ambassador.

A week later, the group met again to plant trees themselves. The children worked in groups of six or seven and were  kindly supported by Secretary representatives. Gladly, the city staff had already prepared everything and it was easy to start planting. The students planted 10 trees and also promised to take care of them.

In the end, the Academy team proudly said goodbye to 33 new Climate Justice Ambassadors. Maybe, they will even be as lucky as their school mates, who visited an Academy in Salvador before and were lately invited to a Climate Week!

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