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January 10, 2019

How to Be a Climate-Friendly Skier


As soon as the first snow falls from the sky, the feet of skiers and snowboarders are tingling: off to the slopes! But the reality behind the winter fun doesn't exactly look climate-friendly. Piste caterpillars, snow cannons and lifts consume a lot of energy and emit a lot of CO2.

That's why we've collected some tips on how to make your favourite winter sport at least a bit more climate-friendly:


Arriving by Public Transport

Many ski areas are easy to reach by train or ski bus. And because you're probably tired after your day's skiing, this is certainly the more convenient way to travel.

If you can't use public transport, carpool with your friends! Such a shared trip is much more fun than driving alone.


Use Ski Resorts Nearby

Not far from where you live, there's a ski resort? Well then, go there! Why take on long journeys to more distant ski areas if you have a winter sports paradise right on your doorstep…?


Book Climate-Friendly Hotels, Ski Huts and Ski Resorts

Are you planning a longer winter holiday and already looking forward to skiing or snowboarding through the powder snow for days? Then choose an eco-friendly hotel in a climate-friendly ski area! There are already some ski resorts that offer an environmentally friendly winter holiday. How would it be, for example, to be pulled up the mountain by horses? Pretty cool!


Buy or Rent Second Hand Clothes and Equipment


Hand on heart: when skiing and snowboarding, the fun in the snow is in the foreground. Who needs the most modern ski suit or the latest snowboard? Second hand equipment is usually in very good condition and also cheaper. In addition, you can rent snowboards, skis, sticks and helmets on almost every slope.




Take Garbage with You

In order to keep the slopes and nature clean, you should take your garbage with you and, for example, leave cigarette butts nowhere. This should be a matter of course and applies not only to ski resorts, but always and everywhere.


Ski Touring

How about some other kind of skiing? Rent touring skis and climb the mountain on your own! On the one hand, this strengthens your calves. On the other hand, the descent is at least three times as much fun!


Plant Trees

Planting trees is always a good idea. Donate trees to Plant-for-the-Planet to bind the CO2 emitted by your winter pleasures.

Donate Trees Now!


And last but not least: Have fun on the slopes!

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