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September 3, 2019

Money for the Planet

How can we reach out to as many people as possible? Climate Justice Ambassadors asked themselves the same question. They thought of their local music festival so they talked to the organizers. He decided to offer only reusable cups at the festival. People had to pay a small amount for the cup and the children collected the cups from all people who were too lazy to give it back. They earned almost 10,000 Euro through the cups! They money will now fund activities of Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil.

A Team for Trees

Instead of hosting a team event, a company decided to use the money to plant trees. The event would have been for employees from different countries, so the company not only saved travel expenses, but also carbon dioxide! They donated the saved money to Plant-for-the-Planet and our young Climate Justice Ambassadors have been happy to receive the cheque!

Collecting Rubbish

The village Baiersbronn is now definitely clean! Students from the local school collected rubbish. Before they did so, they visited local companies and asked them to become sponsors. For every 200 grams of rubbish collected, the company should pay 2 cents. In the end, the students decided to donate more than 200 Euros to us. Thank you so much!

Poetry for the Planet

Finally, we want to share a piece of music David has written for those witnessing silently at an arms fair in September. You can download his song here and sing: “Spend YOUR wealth on Green advances.”

You’d like to tell your fundraiser story? Email media@plant-for-the-planet.org and attach nice photos.

You can also start a very simple fundraiser via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/plantfortheplanet/fundraisers/

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