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March 12, 2019

We are happy to welcome 54 new Climate Justice Ambassadors!

With the continued support of the local community, Andover Trees United hosted its 5th Plant-for-the-Planet Academy on Tuesday 13th March and, for the third year in succession, the event was generously hosted by The Andover Golf Club.

A team of 11 young Ambassadors hosted the day. They were supported in running the event by Plant-for-the-Planet Coordinator Wendy Davis and Andover Trees United volunteers. The Ambassadors supervised participant registration, delivered presentations, led games and activities and managed the end-of-day graduation. 54 young people aged 8-14 from 6 local schools had signed up for the day. They learned about Climate Crisis, the imbalance of carbon-producing nations versus the continents most affected by changing weather patterns and were given the knowledge and the tools to make a difference by challenging the adults of our world to: STOP TALKING! START PLANTING!

After a delicious lunch provided by the Golf Club’s catering team, the 65 young people and accompanying adults made their way out onto the links for the tree planting party.

75 trees were planted, a mixture of oak, silver birch, maple, rowan and hornbeam.

After tree planting, the children took part in action planning to generate ideas for taking the programme forward. A team of newly qualified Climate Justice Ambassadors, trained during the afternoon by Ambassador Hannah Bradbury, delivered the closing presentation to the large assembled audience and were then presented with their certificates and gifts by their young hosts.

Special thanks must go to the following businesses and organisations for sponsoring the Academy:
Organisation and facilitation: Andover Trees United (ATU)
Venue: Andover Golf Club
Trees: ATU, TCV & OVO Energy, The Woodland Trust
Tree planting support &aftercare: Andover Golf Club
Lunch for 70: Andover Golf Club & Kenyons
Light refreshments: Sainsburys, Andover Trees United

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Follow this link to see the pictures of the Academy.

This article is over a year old and may not reflect latest facts and figures. If you have any questions, please contact media@plant-for-the-planet.org