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February 6, 2020

72 new Climate Justice Ambassadors for Brazil’s future!

The Academy on November 5TH had 72 children at Vereadora Laís Peretti Municipal School. On this day we didn't get any Climate Justice Ambassadors, so the presentations were made jointly by Marina and I. In the rhetorical presentation the children were very comfortable to tell about what they discovered. Some of them didn’t present well and even asked us to speak again, but we could not allow because of the weather. In the end of the day, we agreed to come back for planting and finally make them Climate Justice Ambassadors. But as from that, they already had a responsibility to make their projects work and take care of the environment, friends and family besides the importance of changing ourselves. On November 11TH, we returned to school for planting. That day the weather was a little unsteady and rainy but we still followed the arrangement. In the afternoon 48 seedlings were planted and the children had fun and got themselves dirty.

We kept some memories of this day in the gallery.

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