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February 4, 2020

A Day Full of Joy

On August 20th the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy took place at Antonio Pereira Inacio School, located in eastside of São Paulo. WRI (World Resource Institute) was the partner that sponsors the academy, which was closely monitored by Luiza Schmidt, WRI Brasil Urban Development Coordinator.

 17 children participated, and considering the time available for the activities, the following activities were performed: (1) initial presentation about climate change and Plant-for-the-Planet; (2) world map game; (3) rhetoric training; (4) planting thirteen trees.

In the rhetoric training it was quite remarkable to see the students learning about positive and propositive comments (feedback) from the presentations.

This has motivated even the most shy students to feel comfortable performing in public.

Planting was the part of the academy where all the students were most excited about, and since many tree seedlings were available for planting, it was possible for all students to get their hands dirty and interact with the land and planting.

After the planting, at the end of the academy, we distributed the certificates to the children.

A curiosity is that the activities were accompanied by two students who were taking pictures, and we were informed that the school has a Facebook page where they communicate the activities to the whole community. Thus, our day was registered by the school and had a publication also on the social network. Publication link available here: EMEF ANTONIO PEREIRA INACIO

Do you want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador yourself? Register for an upcoming Academy here.