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March 30, 2020

An incredible start for Ghana!

We started the year in Ghana off with three incredible Academies! They were held on the 2nd, 4th and 6th March, 2020 respectively at various venues, but all in the Northern region of Ghana. It was the start up point for our activities scheduled for the year.

Weeks prior the start, we conducted a lot of preparations, so everything would work out. Then, on the named dates we were able to start our Plant-for-the-Planet journey at around 8/9 am.

The team introduced themselves and explained the schedule, so the children and teachers around have an idea or concept of the whole program. Before the Academy was officially started, every participant was given the Plant-for-the-Planet T-Shirt. The Tree by Tree handbook is shared among the children at the end of the Academy to enable them read and view other participants across the globe. Of course, each participant was gifted a certificate at the Academy that names them a Climate Justice Ambassador.

During the academies, 240 children attended during the three sessions with each of the academy having 80 participants and a subsequent breakdown of 8 children from 10 different schools.

First of all, a presentation about the climate crisis and our work at Plant-for-the-Planet was held. Here, the children were shown how the effects of greenhouse gases look and how trees help to reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Trees serve as an additional carbon sink and by that, the children are demonstrated how trees are planted and have to be taken care of. We therefore also encourage them to plant more trees and to use their voice for this important message. Of course, during the Academies we all planted trees together and gifted some to the school for them to plant later as well. All in all, we planted incredible 202 trees!

Also, children are given the opportunity to learn the world distribution of population, income and carbon emissions in the World Game. Here, they all sit together in groups and are able to share their thoughts with their fellow classmates, on as to why major differences and inequalities  

The effort and interest of the participants and now Climate Justice Ambassadors gave us even more motivation to stay put and show engagement with Plant-for-the-Planet!


Do you also want to get active with Plant-for-the-Planet and do something against the climate crisis? Then join us and start off with a visit of an Academy! Here you can check out the dates and places.

All photos can be seen here:

02.03.2020, Bamboi & 04.03.2020, Bole & 06.03.2020, Yapei