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Call for Videos: Instagram Story Take-Over

We invite all Climate Justice Ambassadors to share their knowledge and take over our Instagram story for one day with their own tutorial.

A tutorial is a short digital learning unit. You explain to other children what you have experienced as Climate Justice Ambassador and give them helpful advice to other children and young people. They can learn from your knowledge!

How to join:

You record a video of yourself. Tell what you would like to teach the other children or what you have experienced. Add photos if you like.

> Always take the photos and videos in portrait format.

> Keep it short & crisp, 2-3 minutes are enough! Best as a mix of video clips & photos.

> Make a written plan in advance and check all the facts!

> Only use pictures that you have taken yourself, no pictures from the web.

> Add texts and descriptions.

Interested? Then let us know when you want to take over our story!  You can choose a date here: https://doodle.com/poll/qg4uudffdu5ktqw9 … and write down your name + the topic you will talk about.

If you have your own Instagram account, post a story and tag @plantfortheplanet_official. Don't forget to add a suitable description or hashtag.

You have NO Instagram account? No problem! Then send us 2-3 photos and a short video via WeTransfer. In the comment field, write down your name and a few notes about the content of your tutorial.  Send it to media@plant-for-the-planet.org


It’s your turn now!

You've probably learned a lot at Plant-for-the-Planet that other kids don't know yet! What you could talk about in your tutorial:

> My top 5 tips for a good presentation

> What helps against stage fright?

> How do I recite without notes?

> Practising pronunciation. Do you have any good tips, e.g. practicing rhymes with a cork in your mouth to improve pronunciation?

> How do I motivate adults? What works well, which mistakes should be avoided? Share your experience!

> How do I motivate friends and classmates? Share your experience!

> "I dare not!" How to be courageous, not shy.

> How do I learn to give good answers quickly?

> Good answers to people who believe in false climate myths.

> What did I learn from planting trees? Exciting information from the forester, e.g. about tree species, how long a tree takes to grow, etc.

> What actually happens at an Academy? You have already made the experience, other children haven't yet! What was especially nice and exciting?