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November 19, 2020

Global Board 2020/2021

Our Global Board is the essential part of Plant-for-the-Planet's democratic structure which is elected once a year! We are very happy to welcome 15 young and enthusiastic Climate Justice Ambassadors from all around the world as members of our new Global Board 2020/2021:

What is the Global Board?

The global board is a democratically elected body with representatives from all regions around the globe and serves for a period of one-year. The goal of the Global Board is to give Plant-for-the-Planet a focus and make organisation-wide decisions, Global Board members work hand in hand to grow our worldwide community, create new initiatives or projects that can have a global impact and help us plant more trees and empower more children and youth to start their own clubs and local activities. The Global board is also mandated to charter all plant-for-the-planet’s clubs, monitor their progress and provide guidance in the implementation of their activities. And much more!

Get to know our new members:

Akshit from India

“I am a youth with lot of hope in my eyes to do something for the world. I am just waiting for chance and platform where my ideas and views are valuable. If I become a global board member, I can do many things which I can do because life is in the present moment we don't know the future so we have to start work from now if want to do something for future of the world.”

Andrea from Guatemala

“I want to share my ideas, and learn about others. I want to join and help to manage initiatives and campaigns, I want to become part of this cool family of Plant-for-the-Planet to continue taking actions in benefit for the environment, organize events in my country and show all the potential that I have, I want to show that Guatemala is a little country, but with a lot of love and willing to stand for the environment that is our present and our future.”

Carlos Alejandro from Mexico

“I believe that my knowledge in international law, my experience dealing with authorities and all the activities in which I have participated, can be a great contribution to the improvement of the Clubs around the world and, specifically, in my region. I want to be part of the change we need to move forward to a more sustainable living.”

Chin-Sun Wu from Taiwan

“Firstly, I want to represent East Asia/Taiwanese and bring different thoughts and voices to this amazing global Foundation. From my experiences in joining international environmental activities, few East Asians are seen. Thus, I’m excited to be involved. Secondly, I hope I could help to find more opportunities to engage more Taiwanese partners in the Foundation’s actions and activities and promote the Foundation in Taiwan. I also hope to learn from the active members and partners of the Foundation around the world.”

Dharmendra from India

“Today, I believe that as young people we courageously play a key role in climate politics and laws & their implementation on the ground level and its full realization remains one of the biggest challenges but also it presents opportunities for our generation. Serving Plant-for-the-planet as a Global Board Member will allow me to engage in the sustainable development of the world, through achieving one common goal which is Clean and Green Mother Earth. It will also give me exposure to learn from a variety of people, culture & incorporating the best ideas of environment conservation.”

Durlabh from Pakistan

“Beeing a Global Board member is an excellent match for my skills, experience, and passion and because it represents a challenge that I know I'll relish. I clearly already have extensive experience as the co-founder of the Youth Embassy. This position is exactly the sort of thing I am currently targeting and of Youth Embassy, including my experience of Youth Mobilization and Climate Advocacy – I am confident I will be able to make a major contribution. This would be invaluable and extremely helpful to my cause. This also offers a unique opportunity to me that will help me make new, energetic, and exciting”

Fatou from Gambia

“Having served Plant-for-the-Planet since 2016 as a country and programme coordinator and on the Global Board, I believe the board needs experienced people who are committed to the growth of Plant-for-the-Planet to support in the planning, organization, and execution of activities. I am motivated to serve on the board because; I want to create more awareness about our Plant-for-the-Planet App, the Trillion Tree Campaign and in the establishment of more clubs to be able to reach our goals. In addition, I want to contribute towards the decision making processes at Plant-for-the-Planet.”

Hana from Czech Republic

“To be a Global Board Member is an incredible opportunity to have a bigger impact on what Plant-for-the-Planet does. Plant-for-the-Planet has been a huge part of my high school experience, it has allowed me to travel, explore, give speeches, organize events, and many more. Being a Global Board Member is an opportunity to give back what I have learned.”

Insaf from Tunisia

“I was introduced to Plant-for-the-Planet upon receiving the Global South climate scholarship for youth to go to COP24 and COY14. I was very impressed by the efforts the initiative puts into climate action and I knew that I wanted to take part in it. So I first joined as a program coordinator then I had the honor to be part of the Global Board last year and I am happy to be part of this year’s Global Board to represent the MENA region and hopefully contribute to Plant-for-the-Planet's vision.”

Johann from Germany

“I want to make decisions that can help protect our planet and I really like the idea of meeting new people from all around the world who also want to tackle climate change. At last we are all humans and are in this crisis together, so it‘s the best when we combine forces. I just can‘t stop feeling we can have a better world.”

Lara Gonçalves from Brazil

“I am completely in love with the tropicality of my country, the beauty, the fauna, flora and all the natural diversity that it has. We have a huge diversity and I really want us to continue to maintain it. I want to be part of the global picture, because I want and believe in a fair, sustainable future. As a young Brazilian, I want to be able to represent and give voice to youth in decision-making spaces. As part of the global picture, I believe I can learn even more about all the diversity and cultures of other countries and share a little bit of my country as well. For together we are strong.“

Muskan from India

“My purpose is to educate and aware people about the environmental crisis we are facing right now & change their careless attitude towards the environment. I want to do as much as I can for the Trillion Tree Campaign and raise awareness amongst children and adults about the issues of climate change & global justice.”

Nagisa from Japan

“I want to know more about what other ambassadors are doing in their own countries, and want to share information to each other that would help me expand and improve my events in my country.”

Paul from Germany

“As a Global Board Member I want to focus more on Public Relation and Social Media. We will need to construct PR-Stunts, social media campaigns etc. to share our vision. The global board will has to give input to different clubs, working groups and ambassadors, and it will also have to lead these initiatives.”

Praise Adeyemi from Nigeria

“I want to join hands in change making by contributing to mass planting of trees in the world. Additionally, I want to join the Global Board to share my ideas which I think will have positive impacts for Plant-for-the-Planet Nigeria. I would want to share my local experience on environmental issues in Nigeria and in Africa.”