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January 29, 2020

Plant-for-the-Planet gets active in Brazil!

On March 20th 34 children were attending another Academy in Salvador to finally become Climate Justice Ambassadors themselves.

It was the second Academy in that place, so the staff had already gotten used to our activities and already understood what our needs would be.

Because one academy was placed at that school before, we invited two Climate Justice Ambassadors to present the initial presentation and talk about their experience at the previous Academy that was held. After the initial presentation, we warmed up with the game: “Seed / Plant”, already leaving the children ready for what would come during the day. In this Academy we had a problem with receiving the shirts, so sadly the activities were done without them. However, we just divided the children into 4 teams and started the world game. They were very attentive during the explanation and realization of the game, always participative and being very aware of the subject and also mastered the rhetoric training well.

Then finally we went all to lunch together and were able to talk about the many things we just learned and talked about. It was very interesting to see, what the upcoming Climate Justice Ambassadors had to say on certain topics and how excited they were to participate in this Academy!

We moved on with the Project Creations. In the process, the children were very committed and we were able to finalize the projects, did a quick review of the rhetoric training and so on. Those projects included topics as recycling, rainwater harvesting and vegetable gardens, etc.

Finally, we talked about how important Climate Justice Ambassador are and how they could help save the world by planting trees!

We handed them their certificates and reinforced the recommendations for the Planting Day. We took one last souvenir photo of the day and closed this beautiful Academy day.

All photos can be seen here.

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