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This is an Incredible Milestone

Dear reader,

Almost a decade ago a young boy called on the world to plant a trillion trees to fight the climate crisis. On January 21st 2020, the leaders of business took this call and made it their own by launching the trillion tree initiative at the WEF in Davos. Watch and share our video telling this story:

This is an incredible milestone for our children and youth initiative at Planet-for-the-Planet. During the past decade, our Climate Justice Ambassadors have been the strongest and most vocal advocates for this target. The next decade will be decisive. Please support our work with a donation: plant-for-the-planet.org/en/donation

The Washington Post reports on Felix, Plant-for-the-Planet and the amazing tree planting initiatives that are coming to life around the world.

It shows how tree planting is now being recognised by government, business and civil society – by everyone – as one of the best solutions to drawdown carbon from the atmosphere and slow the climate crisis.

So many people, organizations, children and youth have already planted 13.6 billion trees, we still have more to plant. Join the global crusade and download  the Plant-for-the-Planet app.

We are so excited to be leading the global mobilization to achieve this incredible goal.

Thank you!

Fatou Jeng

Member of the Global Board