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April 20, 2021

Sustainability Bootcamp and Change-a-thon Challenge

As part of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, you can participate in a free Sustainability Bootcamp, which is taking place on the 16th and 17th of June, 2021. 

In the Sustainability Bootcamp you can spend two days working in small groups developing solutions together to pursue the overall topic: to tackle the climate crisis! 

Here is a short overview of the schedule:

Part 1 

On June, 16th professionals from across industry will come together the day before the GREENTECH FESTIVAL conference to take part in the Sustainability Bootcamp. Focusing on the following categories: 1) Industry, Business and the Market; and 2) Global community, society, and politics, teams will identify current challenges thatare holding back sustainability outcomes, and boil these down to a set of clearly defined “Challenge Statements”. At the end of the half-day Bootcamp, the professionals will hand-over their “Challenge Statements” to the participating. 

Part 2 

In the second part of the day and on the 17th of June, each team will begin work on coming up with innovative solutions to these problems/challenges focusing on new applications of technology, innovative business models or new incentives, drivers or economic models.

Part 3 –Judging and Prize Ceremony

At 15:15 on the 17th of June, the teams will lodge a two minute video explaining their innovating solution to an expert judging panel. The judges will choose 3 finalists who will then get to present their solution via live video in front of the entire GREENTECH FESTIVAL conference audience. The final prizewinning team will be chosen by voting over the event platform/app and a prize will be announced for the winners in front of our combined physical and online audiences.

If you would like to participate in the bootcamp, register here