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September 29, 2021

The Italian City Ferrara Greens Up With Plant-for-the-Planet

The UNESCO City of Ferrara has signed an important protocol concerning a green project, which is the first in Italy and will represent a milestone in the story of Plant-for-the-Planet Italy.

The cooperation was signed on September, 17th by Mario Trevisan, Director Plant-for-the-Planet Italy and the local municipality.

The Councillor for the Environment of Ferrara, Alessandro Balboni and the President of the non-profit organization Plant-for-the-Planet Italy, Mario Trevisan, signed the “Protocol of understanding between the Municipality of Ferrara and the association Plant-for-the-Planet”.

In the last two years Ferrara has implemented different activities in order to help to combat the dramatic effects of the climate crisis. Tentousands of trees are projected to be planted until 2030 on the urban ground.

Ferrara is the first Italian municipality partnering with Plant-for-the-Planet. Based on the signed agreement as a next step a feasibility study will be made for a reforestation project, defining the ecological concept with respect to identify suitable areas and determine the tree species to be planted. On the part of Plant-for-the-Planet the project is accompanied by Daniela Saltarin as technical director. It was her idea to proposed to the city of Ferrara to become the headquarters and partner of reforestation project along the lines defined by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change).

Daniela Saltarin: “The purpose of the intervention is to create a project that respects the criteria of biodiversity, territorial specificity, socio-economic sustainability and permanence of the new green areas, as well as tracing the way to the common goal of proposing sustainability awareness-raising activities in the area in collaboration with local schools and initiatives.”

The spearheading initiative of Ferrara is embedded in the Plant-for-the-Planet “Trillion Tree Campaign” which supports the UN Decade On Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030).

In order to involve the entire community the elaborated plans for the Ferrara restoration project will be presented to the public next year.

Plant-for-the-Planet Team Italy at the municipality of Ferrara
The team of Plant-for-the-Planet, Italy, at the municipality of Ferrara: f.l.t.r.: Rosa Boncaldo, member of the Board as secretary, Mario Trevisan, director Plant-for-the-Planet, Italy, Alessandro Balboni, Councillor for the Environment of Ferrara, Antonella Silgeo, geologist member of the scientific team, Daniela Saltarin, vicepresident and technical director, Doctor Gloria Minarelli, also of the technical stats and Dorota Kulawiak, responsible for the international relations of Plant-for-the-Planet Italy.