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December 21, 2022

This is our Global Board 2022/2023

The Global Board is one essential part of Plant-for-the-Planet’s democratic structure and it’s elected once a year. We are very happy to welcome 12 young and enthusiastic Climate Justice Ambassadors from all around the world as Members of our Global Board 2022/2023!

Get to know our new members:

  • Akinrinola Gloria Oluwadarasimi (Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Chris Anulunkor, Advisory Board Member (Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Ekraj Ghimire (India)
  • Emily Noa Rieu (Europe)
  • Huirong Yang (China)
  • Johann Eickenbrock, Advisory Board Member (Europe)
  • Latifatou Ouedraogo (Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Lizet Mayli Mejía Penadillo (Latin & Central America)
  • Michaela Čecháková (Europe)
  • Miku Higashi (Central & East Asia)
  • Simon Hoba (Europe)
  • Udara Hettiarachchi (India)

What exactly does the Global Board do?

The Global Board is a democratically elected body. Its structure is based on the UNEP model, which divides the world into eight regions according to their population size. 

The goal of the Global Board is to represent the generations of our ambassadors in certain organization-wide decisions. Global Board Members work hand in hand to grow our worldwide community and create new initiatives or projects that can have a global impact. Furthermore, they represent Plant-for-the-Planet through speeches, press conferences, press releases, and public statements.

Through their engagement, they raise further awareness amongst children and adults about the issues of the climate crisis and global justice and empower the younger generations to start their own clubs, host local activities, and plant trees. The Global Board is mandated to charter all Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs, monitor their progress and provide guidance in the implementation of their activities.

Do you also want to make a change in the world and become part of our global network of young people who are committed to their future? Contact us: empowerment@plant-for-the-planet.org