September 8, 2009

We need your help to advance the website

As a response to our first international newsletter last week many of you from more than 20 countries have ordered more than thousand t-shirts. That's fantastic!

As announced in Daejeon, we will provide a website for everyone who promises to plant a million trees in their country. There you can post information about your activities and the site will help you to build your network.

To get our international network started, we need your help!

Your Plant-for-the-Planet website is the place to display all your activities and to tell everybody about your motivation and aims. However, we need your help to provide you with the basis for your country website.

We ask you to translate the short English text of the landing page into your native language:

Stop talking. Start planting.

Everyone loves to talk about the climate crisis. But talking alone isn't going to stop the glaciers from melting. Or the rainforests from disappearing. And each time adults just talk and don't act, it's up to us, the children, to take matters into our own hands. Quite literally.

Plant-for-the-Planet is an organisation where kids all over the world plant trees as a sign of climate justice. Currently 132 children from 56 nations have pledged to plant one million trees in their countries. As you can see, we aren't just trying to save the world. We're trying to save our future too.

Would you like to know more about us, or maybe give us a helping hand? Log on to

Everybody who is going to plant one million trees in their country come up on the stage!
Let's plant millions of trees, a million trees in each country of the world.

Alternatively download the text here (doc, 20 kB).
To ensure that we can read your translation – especially if you have got other characters, letters etc. – please send your translation in three versions:

– copy the text into an email
– attach it as pdf
– attached it as word or open office document

Please send your translation to

We are looking forward to your response!

This article is over a year old and may not reflect latest facts and figures. If you have any questions, please contact