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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Johannesburg (South Africa), 20 July 2011

When Felix invited the children at the Private School in Johannesburg onto the stage, once again they were all very quick and excited to go to the front. The Grade 7 students at the German school in Johannesburg are already in the process of independently establishing their own clubs.

On our last day in Johannesburg we visited the German School. Three families whose children attend this school were kind enough to host us during our stay in the city. We would like to thank them very much for their hospitality.


We have already received feedback from the German School: “some of the grade 7 students are already well advanced in the process of setting up a club, completely from their own initiative – they have even identified their first project. You’ll be hearing from them soon. I’ve had excellent feedback from all the teachers who were present.” We will no doubt get more news from the DSJ in the future. Naledi already started planning a planting group and the kids want to take action in Durban too.

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