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October 26, 2012

80 new Ambassadors in Tanzania

They plant an Avocado tree as a symbol of their commitment. Many more are planned, as they help to reforest 20 hectares of land in Tanzania!

The Academy was led by 11 members of the Eine Welt Jesuskirche/Ernst-Mach secondary school (Haar, Germany) together with local teacher Nelson Mbamba. Nelson Mbamba already runs a small nursery for trees and teaches environmental themes in his lessons.

This Academy was a little bit special, as Igando Primary School has no electricity. That meant no laptop and no projector. Such a small problem wasn’t going to stop the Academy, though! Using text in English and Swahili, A3 laminated photos from the book “Trees for Kenya – the story of Wangari Maathai”, and photographic materials from Plant-for-the-Planet, the 80 children were motivated to take a stand for their future.

At the end of the Academy, the children planted an Avocado tree as a symbol of their fight for climate justice, together with the help of the extremely knowledgeable Nelson Mbamba. The local authority, to which the school belongs, plans to reforest 20 hectares of land. The new Ambassadors are going to make sure that this happens, and with the help of Nelson Mbamba they have already started by planting seeds of different types of trees to contribute to the project!

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